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So I feel as though i am back in that slump again.... I have got a lot of stress going on involving family right now amongst a few other things that i really dont seem to be able to or can talk to anyone about right now! Quick little survey does anyone here ever feel like crawling into a little black hole and cutting themselves of from everyone they know???? Just checking. I dont know if this feeling is all to do with the family crap that is going on (i really think it is more then that...and i am just trying to find somewhere to place the blame on)  but ... arggg i am at a loss for words. ME at a loss for words go figure!! I Just oddly enough feel very alone..and this past week even more so..... GAWD  i need to move!!!!!!!!!!! anywho  in just over a week comes the dreadfull VD  day (could this day have a better short form---I dont think so) and dont get me wrong I dont have anything against ppl who choose to celebrate this day it is more of a personal thing I lost someone VERY VERY  important to me 10 yrs ago on this very day. A situation and a loss i have neverfully recovered from physically and mentally!  On top of all my own personal issues with this day..I dont really believe that what has become of this day is trully what was intended when they decided Feb 14th was St. Valentines day. To commercial buy this and buy that  gotta have flowers and go out for dinner... My Idea of a PERFECT valentines day would be to be with someone you care about at your house  having a nice home-made supper,  no gifts exceot for something you made ( like you remember those cards you used to have to make your parents in grade school)  that would be perfect! and if something must be bought then something cute and inexpensive! And the final thing in my eye to make a perfect valentines day would be to do it not on the 14th but later that week or for that matter any other day of the year. to me that means a lot more... Anywho those are my thought on that and now i shall try and sleep

i'm baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hi everyone, I am back (I think) sorry I havent been posting at all. I have had a lot going on but I just havent had the words or the mind set to post for some reason. I do think this haze is lifting, but i cant be sure. Dont get me wrong I have a lot of good in my life, Ok well lets be honest I have ONE good thing in my life not_matt! And he seems to make all this other bad stuff not so bad.
neeuqdrazil just wanted to share a little fun fact with you my bosom buddy the bruises on my bottom are just starting to go away!!
Also thank you thank you thank you to my Masterfull and Wise not_matt my new piercing is proving to be a wonderful gift, I already thought of you all the time but now.........well i think you know where i am going with this!

I have some new pic and a few fun stories stories to share with you and i will do that soon i promise, as soon as i have a few min. For now I am off to work, which i presume will be busy before the superbowl----dead durning----and filled with drunks after!!!!! In true fashion of Ren and Stimpy "OH JOY"

just a little update

So i havent really  posted to much over the past  little bit. Two reason for this  one b/c MY SISTER IS HOMEEEEEEEE WEEEEEEE LOL  sorry still a little excited about this and Two b/c i havent really had much to say. I dont know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I have had a few things that i really what to write down and get off my chest but i just dont seem to have to words or the engery. So i will do an update soon i promise. but for now i will wish every one a  ~*~MERRY CHRISTMAS~*~

Scorpio horoscope

I know how general these can be but i would like to think this to be true, and i do have to say i really like the saying at the end!
You have a tendency to go to the very bottom of an issue and you always seem to resurface transformed and wiser from your experience. This last trip down was quite intense, yet now you are on your way back up. Don't try to make things move too quickly. It may take a while yet to figure out exactly where you are going, but one thing is certain: you cannot go back and undo what has been done. Your future is waiting for you to arrive. Tuesday, December 12, 2006

just a little update

So i really havent posted in awhile. partly because i dont know where to start on some of the shit that has been going on in my life. and partly because i have been sucked into book after book....once i am gone lol im gone lol. But one thing i did want to comment on quickly was the fact that i do need to grow a pair of ball or at the very least extend my backbone a little when it come to work. I have been talking to my boss  and i have to go in to talk to him and the market manager about work and stuff and i think i am gonna need all my strength not to go back. one for my own safety and two for a promise i made to someone very special to me......when it comes down to it, it is all about money right cause there is no other reason i would wanna work there. sooo here's hoping that i can find something else quick

On a bloody note;

Fun Fact about Vampire Bats.
As most know they sleep by day and emerge at night to seek a warm blooded animal, they are not there to kill just to eat.
 (Here is the Fun Fact part)   Since blood digests easily and they dont take a lot, they need to drink often, but they dont always succeed in getting what they need. In that case, they return to the cave hungry, and if they dont eat within three days they can die. So group ethic takes over. If one bat comes in for the day fully sated and others are starving, the fat and sassy one regurgitates blood to feed the others. Thus they become the donor and the recipient, and if any takes but fails to return the favor, the others get aggressive.

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Wow i just wanted to  post a little something on "small town boys"
Ok so the past few nights a girlfriend and I have been attending the local watering holes in our small town. And all I can say is OMG OMG OMG, like come on really????? I dont even really know how to explain the events of the past few eveings.....oh ya and not_matt i have to say ty ty ty to you lol 1) for being a man of substance and full of wisdom ( i love listening to you speak) and, 2) you came in handy last night. lol. So my friend and i have decided that the bars here are not what they used to be yes there is somewhat good music, yes there are cheep drinks and, yes there are a few little hotties here and there, BUT not that first impression is everything but when will these little boys realize that they really dont need a cheezy pick up line to  well...pick you up. I know sometimes it is a good icebreaker when you know they are saying it more as a joke but when they are more then serious (no matter how cute they are) i have to say it is a deal breaker. So we have finally decided that us going to the bars to find her someone to help her get over her fuckface,dickhead,using,selfish,man i want to kill b/c he has taken a beautiful woman and broken her spirit and heart,did i say fuckface Ex boyfriend is not the place we should be going, at least not until the scene gets a little better.  ( and i we already knew this but again there is not much to do in a small town)  So I just tought I would leave you with this one final thought. Pick up line of the night..."you know I am a faithful kinda guy, I am gonna be Faithful to who ever takes me home tonight"

You know I just had a fun Idea, ( if you have time, I could use the smiles it would bring)  I want my comment box filled ppl do you hear me filled. lol kidding well kind of .
I would love to know your BEST AND WORST pick up lines
you can either send me the ones you use or the ones you have had used on you!!!
or even better  BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So break out the Wine and bread cause it is time for a CHEEZE FEST!!!!!!!